40" Wide Print Sample - Print Out the Image to See the true Print Size & Quality.
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Car Shows
Lincoln Town Cars 1990s
This is a small full image of the photo so you can see where the crop at left was taken from. If you had the whole image enlarged to 40", the crop portion would look like the image on the left. Actual print size would be about 2/3rds smaller. Images on the web are commonly larger than the true print size, and not as sharp. Print out the image on the left to see the typical quality of such a large print from my custom digital imaging. (Go under File, click on Print. In that window, you can go under Properties, then click under best photo, then the Advanced button to set just black ink if you don't want to use color.) Of course, smaller sizes, such as a poster, might be even sharper, with the same high quality color, etc.
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