Computer Enhancements Page Two
These are examples of images done by me. The actual portraits were taken by another photographer who hired me to do his graphic artistry. He has moved now, but I can do these techniques to portraits taken by me or use your own quality images. Other montages, special effects, etc. can be done. Large copyright isn't on final images.
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Cruise ship background
Waterfall background
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Bride put on stool
I made this montage with frames. I can combine images in many ways with color, black & white, sepia and other effects.
There are many effects and combinations of montages that can be done. I have over 400 indoor and outdoor backgrounds to place you on, and props to include. Depending on the quality of the images, I can use your own photos. Digital files are best, but I can scan in photos, slides and negatives. I can enhance and restore images. Trust your precious memories to a professional who cares. Check out my partial backgrounds Page
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