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Lincoln Town Cars 1990s
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This beautiful Packard is owned by Mr. Bob Wooldridge of Wilburton, OK, who also has the House of Packard. He also hosts the Robber's Cave car show each year near Wilberton, OK in October. We will have web pages on this show and the House of Packard later.
The Viper 488 ci V10 engine in the Packard. The Packard valve cover plates can be lifted off to reveal the Viper engine.
Mr Bob Wooldridge (in the t-shirt) speaking with someone beside his immculate 1935 Packard
The back seat showing the roll up window between the occupants and the driver.
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This car has won the US Radiators Coolest Classic Award at the summer 2004 Good Guys Nationals in Columbus OH. It weighs 5540 lbs empty, has a Dodge truck auto trans, Chrysler torsion bar front suspension, Corvette rear end, Ford Torodor Red exterior paint, and took 14 years to complete the total restoration.
Me standing beside this beautiful Packard Sunday afternoon after the show.