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3. History of Town Car

Nowadays Lincoln competes with Cadillac for the title as America’s best selling luxury car brand. It has not always been that way. In the 1950s Lincoln produced sporty smaller cars. Then its cars got bigger and bigger leading to their popularity as limousines for heads of state. The Town Car was first introduced in 1970 as a luxury version of the Crown Victoria. Since then it has only been redesigned once every decade and has become a unique "conventional" American luxury car, the last of a breed so to speak.

4. Review of Current Town Car

In 1998 the Town Car received its most complete redesign in its 30-year history. Although still based on the same chassis as before the engineers reworked the suspension, giving the car much more responsive handling characteristics without giving up any ride comfort. The interior has been redesigned and fitted with analog gauges giving the car a more modern luxurious feeling. The body also had a complete makeover such that it has very little in common with the old model except size. The rounder body shape has drawn mixed reviews with some people loving it and others hating it. Nobody will deny though that it stands out in the crowd, which is what most people want in a large luxury car.

5. Basic Facts: 1990 - 1997 Town Car

Vehicle Type: Luxury Sedan

No. Passengers: up to six

Origin of assembly: Wixom, MI

Engine: (standard): 5.0-liter 150 hp V-8 ('90); 4.6-liter 190 or 210 hp V-8 ('91-'97)

Transmission: 4-spd automatic; rear-drive

Length: 219 inches

Wheelbase: 117 inches

Width: 77 inches

Height: 57 inches

Curb weight: 4000 lbs. (approx.)

Cargo volume: 22 cu. ft.

Fuel tank capacity: 18 gals.

Fuel Economy (EPA City/Highway): 17/25

6. Changes in the Lincoln Town Car Line 1990 - 1999

1990 Model Year

New model based on same chassis as before

1991 Model Year

A more powerful and efficient aluminum block 4.6-liter engine on all models

Traction control offered as an option

Revised front suspension

Disc brakes all round instead of front disc/rear drum setup

1992 Model Year

Optional dual exhaust package produces 210 hp compared to 190 for the base engine

1993 Model Year

Dual airbags become standard

Handling package offered as option

Remote keyless entry system standard

1994 Model Year

Dual exhaust standard- all models produce 210 hp

1995 Model Year

Numerous exterior changes to headlights, grille taillights etc. freshen look

Redesigned dashboard

Electronically adjustable steering optional

Redesigned seats

1996 Model Year

Upgrades to engine make it smoother

Real wood trim added to dashboard on Cartier series

1997 Model Year

Dual exhaust system dropped - power output drops to 190 hp

1998 Model Year (first year of new model)

All new model introduced

Rounder, shorter body on same chassis as before

More luxuriously appointed interior

1999 Model Year

Power output increased

Side airbags standard

7. Safety Notes

NHTSA Crash rating (‘96 model year): Driver 4; Passenger 5 (5 is best)

ABS standard on all Town Car models from 1991

Driver side air bag standard from 1990, dual air bags standard from 1993

8. Value Guide

Prices listed are for base models. Options can add considerably to the lowest price listed as these are usually "stripped" models. In many cases, very few vehicles are ever sold at the lowest price listed! Source: Kelley Blue Book

1992 Model Year

New: $32,137 to $37,265

1993 Model Year

New: $35,025 to $38,425

1994 Model Year

New: $35,375 to $38,725

1995 Model Year

New: $37,040 to $41,840

1996 Model Year

New: $37,550 to $42,600

1997 Model Year

New: $37,950 to $43,870

1998 Model Year (first year of new model)

New: $38,500 to $42,500

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