1997 Jack Nicklaus Signature Edition Lincoln Town Car Equipment and Options, and other Special Editions

This Jack Nicklaus Signature Edition is a factory Lincoln Town Car package.

Besides the equipment listed below, my JN Edition has the 210 hp engine, 16" custom wheels & tires, Touring/Ride Control Package including power sun roof, automatic dimming rearview mirror, memory mirrors and drivers seat, compass, premium JBL AM/FM/MPX/CD cassette sound system with Digital Sound Processing, other comfort/convenience items, two tone metallic paint (Deep Evergreen top, silver/gray bottom) that changes from blue to green according to how the lighting is on the exterior top, two tone Prarie Tan leather seating.
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The Designer Series Special Edition Factory option packages produced unique Lincolns which gave potential buyers a distinctive Lincoln Town Car with many options. These included the Black Tie Signature Edition, the Jack Nicklaus Signature Edition, the 1995 Spinniker Edition, the 1996 Diamond Anniversary Edition, and others. Although the drive train was shared with other Town Cars, the interior was sometimes distinctive to the particular factory edition, and these Town Cars were usually loaded with options. Such was the case with the custom two toned Prarie Tan leather interior in the 1997 Jack Nicklaus Signature Edition, and the 1995 Spinnaker Edition, which had a blue and light tan two toned leather interior and the 1996 Diamond Anniversary Edition which had a two toned leather interior. Also, there were unique badges or insignia such as the metal wording logo on the side of my Jack Nicklaus Edition, the wording in the simulated wood trim on the dash and the exterior wording on the Spinnaker Edition. There were usually select luxury options included also, and some had vinyl or cloth tops.

Jack Nicklaus Signature Edition History

The factory 1992 and 1993 Jack Nicklaus Signature Editions came in metallic green or white exterior colors with a metal logo on the dash and front fenders, similar to the 1996 and 1997 metal emblem but with green background for the "Jack Nicklaus" and gold background for the "Signature Edition" lettering. These JN Editions had white leather interior with green stitching on the Lincoln emblem on the seats, and green carpeting and green floormats with the bear logo. Most JN Editions with green exteriors had a full white vinyl top, like the photo of the 1993 model shown here, and 15" wheels and tires. The 1994 JN Editions were the same, as far as I know. I'm not sure about any JN Editions being produced in 1995. However, I did see from a short distance a Jack Nicklaus Edition that looked like the 1996 models, and it had the two toned Prarie Tan interior like mine. This could have been a 1995 model.

The 1996 Jack Nicklaus Editions had the Medium Willow Green or the solid white exterior with the Oxford White/Light Graphite interior trim, 16" wheels and tires and probably the touring package. The metal emblem was the same as the 1997s. They had the bear logo on the floormats and the lettering on the dash. The power moon roof may have been optional. In 1997, the colors were the two toned exterior and interior combination on my 1997 Jack Nicklaus Signature Edition Town Car, including the touring-handling package, and the two toned white exterior. 1997 was the last year for the Jack Nicklaus Signature Editions. The total number of Jack Nicklaus Editions produced is unclear. There is some question about other aftermarket Jack Nicklaus packages some dealers may have made in other colors from 1992 to 1994. One is an example below, courtesy of Jack.

There was the factory 1996 Diamond Anniversary Edition in burgundy or silver exterior with distinctive lettering on the opera window, two toned light gray and light graphite leather interior, touring-handling package and other select features.

There are many aftermarket dealer installed packages, some distinctive to certain states. Some of these came with vinyl roofs, logos, options, distinctive color combinations and certain colors shared with other Town Cars. Some may have had custom leather interior. It is difficult to say where some of these came from. Florida seems to have many different dealer packages, some built on the Executive series, others on the Signature series. Reportedly, dealers would modify or add to an existing Town Car to make it a "Special Edition".

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1992 Jack Nicklaus Edition
Driver's seat in 1992 Jack Nicklaus Edition
Jack Nicklaus Signature Edition Town Cars.jpg
1993 Jack Nicklaus Signature Edition Lincoln Town Car
Jack Nicklaus Edition metal logo on dash of 1993 model.
1992 Jack Nicklaus fender emblem
Original factory promotional card for the 1996 Jack Nicklaus Edition Lincoln Town Car. Click Here to see the full size card.
This is an original golf bag sent from Lincoln to a 1997 Jack Nicklaus owner Click Here for more photos
1997 Jack Nicklaus fender emblem on my 1997 JN Edition
1997 Jack Nicklaus fender emblem on white 1997 JN Edition
Lincoln Town Car with Jack Nicklaus top.jpg
This is Jack's 1993 "Jack Nicklaus" Versailles. This is a beautiful car but the Versailles "Jack Nicklaus" top is a dealer installed option and this is not a true factory Jack Nicklaus Edition.
My 1997 Jack Nicklaus Signature Special Edition Lincoln Town Car with the Deep Evergreen paint, which changes color from blue to green according to the light. The bottom portion exterior paint is gray/metallic silver.
1996 Cypress Signature Edition
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