Cleaning the MAF Sensor
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The MAF or Mass Airflow Sensor is located on the side of the air intake hose leading from the air filter box to the engine. It measures the amount of air entering the engine. Consequently, this sensor calculates the required fuel injector pulse width to give the proper fuel to air ratio. Cleaning this sensor ocassionaly will help ensure a smooth running engine. Be careful when handling it.

"Cleaning your MAF Sensor

By: John Gislason


This Tech Article will outline the tools and steps necessary to properly clean the Mass Air Flow Sensor on late model Ford products (ie: CV/GM/TC).

Tools: One can of “Electrical Contact Cleaner” (do NOT substitute brake cleaner or carburator cleaner), and a #20 “Tamper-proof TORX” # 20 bit and/or driver.

Follow these steps carefully:

-Locate the MAF assembly, it is attached to the upper air cleaner box on the driver’s side.

-Disconnect the electrical connector completely, and place it aside

-Using the “TORX” driver, remove the two (2) screws that retain the sensor element in the body

-CAREFULLY pull the sensor element STRAIGHT up and out of the body

-Carefully inspect the sensor to verify that there are two (2) “cross wires” running from one terminal to the other (about 1/2” long), if either are missing, damaged, bent, or broken, the MAF assembly MUST be replaced as a unit.

-Clean off any deposits, junk, or oil from the sensor terminals on the post using the “electrical contact cleaner”. Not the electrical connector area!

-Allow to dry completely

-Carefully insert sensor element into body and secure with screws you removed earlier

-Re-attach the electrical connector

-Start the engine, and ensure everything operates normally, road test for performance.

Congratulations, you just saved yourself over $200 of a new MAF installed at the dealer!

I perform this simple trouble saving service each spring, time well spent."

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