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At the East Texas Oil Museum you step back in time to the Boomtown days of the 1930's in an authentic recreation. See the way it was in the largest oil field inside U.S. boundaries. Here the people, their towns, their personal habits, their tools and their pastimes are depicted in dioramas, photographs, movies, sound presentaions and actual, authentic antiques donated by East Texas citizens.

There are Texas-size handpainted murals, a church exhibit, history of the schools, and antique cars. H.L. Hunt is depicted in the memorial room with a large statue and much information about this perservering oil tycoon.

Inside the full size Boomtown are stores, people, animals, and machinery depicting the lively activity of the era. There's a General Store with all it's condiments on the shelves, a Drugstore with a soda fountain and a 1930's juke box, a Newspaper Office with the old equipment of the times, a Barbershop, Gas Station, Blacksmith Shop and a movie about drilling an oil well. The theater brings you into the actual historical footage of the boom period.

Take the Elevator Ride to the center of the earth. Let the guide take you to a simulated 3800 feet below the surface for a glimpse of where the oil deposits lie.

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