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These parts numbers may have been superseded by other numbers and not all parts may be available. However, any Lincoln or Ford dealership should be able to cross check these numbers with newer ones and availability of any parts. We strongly suggest you magnify these numbers, if possible, to read them more clearly.

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These parts sheets are from the parts sheets manual that body shops use. These were purchased in 2003. I'm not sure when they were printed. The parts numbers, prices, and availability may or may not be current. These can be changed at the discretion of Lincoln/Mercury division of Ford Motor Company. However, they were current at time of publication.

The capitol letters and numbers to the left of the item are the part numbers. The numbers, with tenths sometimes, are estimated labor times. The numbers to the far right are the prices of the part. The numbers in diagrams correspond to numbers indicating the parts listed.

You may print out any of these pages to use at your own discretion. We guarantee no information here, however. I tried to scan in and clean up the sheets as there was much bleed through from the back page. These sheet pages can be very useful as to what came on these cars and to use to order or ask for parts at the dealership or elsewhere. I sincerely hope you get some good use out of these pages.

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